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Pets lover fights cancer in Egypt

Pets lover fights cancer in Egypt


Once there was a brave hardworking Egyptian man trying to earn a living by working as a potter and his son Mansour who always walks by his side, he is expected to be the support and backbone of the family.

Every day Mansour used to help his father at work. He always enjoys watching the potteries which had been made by his father, He used to go with him to the market to sell these works, Mansour’s dream was to become a veterinarian because he loves animals and can’t imagine spending his days doing anything other than being around them.

Until one day Mansour was struck by the disease, Cancer attacked his body and he could no longer play with his animals.

Because of that and the father was shocked and destabilized, not knowing what to do because after a hard working day his income rarely exceeds one pound.

Because of that Men of goodwill guided him to a bastion of goodness and safety 57357 hospital. It needed neither money nor connections as all care is provided for free.

Until finally God cured Mansour and he now plays again with his animals, He decided to donate his entire pocket money every month to help the hospital and his friends who are fighting cancer.

Ever since then Mansour changed his dream and became a dream of being an oncologist to help children fighting cancer and he has become a great hope for all cancer patients and has become a powerful weapon to appeal to all his friends in the town to help the warriors in the hospital and he has become Unique Worldwide icon of change Towards a Cancer‐ Free Childhood.


This is a creative marketing campaign which launched on Ramadan 2022 to encourage people to donate to 57357 hospital, It is a very successful campaign that was able to affect many people and make them have an emotional connection with cancer fighters.

You can watch 57357 campaign now !!

Donate Now and Help Cancer’s Fighter


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